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Product Care

Instructions on how to care for your Handmade Luxury Candle

Candle Care



The first time you light your soy candle, please ensure you burn it long enough so the whole surface of the candle has turned to liquid from edge to edge.  This will prevent the wax tunneling in the centre, which will result in wasted wax at the sides. 


If you burn your candle correctly during its first burn,  this will ensure continual even burn every time the candle is lit after this.  Each burn should last long enough for the wax to melt completely, resulting in a full melt pool.


Please ensure the wick is trimmed to 5mm between burns. This helps prevent mushrooming of the wick and also helps prevent soot build up on your glass.  It is advised to burn your candle for 2-3 hours at one time and a maximum of 4 hours.  Burning the candle continually for too long a period can result in the fragrance being burned off too quickly and the glass becoming too hot, therefor more likely to crack.

A wick dipper or candle snuffer is recommended for extinguishing the candle, instead of blowing it out, which can result in smoking and causing the wick to bend.  Please ensure the wick is centred and straightened after extinguishing.  This leaves it ready for the next time you light it. 


Wick dippers are available for £5.

We advise you to extinguish your candle once you have 1cm of wax remaining.  This can prevent your glass cracking due to the heat of your wick.  The glass becomes too hot with no wax left to burn.  Once the wax is cooled slightly, you can scoop out the remaining wax with kitchen towel, dispose of this in your bin.  Your glass can be washed with warm soapy water to remove residue and can now be re used.  Never pour wax down your sink as this will result in a blockage.

Due to soy wax being a natural product, the candle may set uneven or with small holes once it has cooled.  This will not affect the quality of your candle and shows the nature of this product.  It shows no additives have been mixed in. 

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Keep burning candles away from draughts at all times.

Burn your candle on a heat proof surface to prevent potential damage to furniture surfaces if the candle gets too hot.

Your candle will be at it's best with a lid on it when not in use.  Not only does this help hold the fragrance, but also prevents dust build up.


Wax Melt / Burner Care


Our 100% soy wax melts are used in a melt burner to release amazing aromas into your home.  These are wickless scented wax shapes often used as an alternative to burning a container candle. 

Place your melt in a melt burner, placed on a suitable surface away from draughts, flammable items and out of reach of children and pets.  Ensure you do not over fill the burner well, as your melt will become liquid and may over flow if too much wax has been placed in the well.  Well sizes do vary.

Light a non scented tea light, place this underneath the melt, allow the wax to melt to release your chosen fragrance.  Depending on the thickness of your burner, you may need a larger tea light to enable the wax to melt.

Suggested burn time should be 2-3 hours or at most for as long as it takes for your tea light to extinguish itself.  No longer than 4 hours.  The longer you burn a wax melt at one time, the hotter it gets and can therefor burn the fragrance off quicker.  

Please do not move your burner until the tea light has been extinguished and the burner has cooled down.


Each melt should last 10-12 hours.  This will depend on how long you heat it for each time. 

Your melt should be replaced when you no longer smell the aroma when heated.

To change your melt, simply wait until the wax has turned to liquid, extinguish your tea light, wait until the melt has cooled enough.  Use either cotton wool pads or kitchen towel to absorb the wax, being very careful that the wax doesn't over flow the burner well.  Discard cotton wool/kitchen roll in your bin. Clean with a damp cloth when cooled and this will be ready for your next melt to be enjoyed.

Please store your wax melts in their cellophane bag when not in use.  This will ensure your melts hold their fragrance and are kept dust free.  Melts are at their best stored out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.  

Now enjoy our selection of wax melt fragrances and enjoy releasing the aroma around your home.

claire web melts.jpg

Reed Diffuser Care


Our stylish reed diffusers are an easy choice to add fragrance to your home with very little maintenance.  They add a touch of elegance as well as an amazing aroma to your home.  Our diffusers are created using a non toxic base, made from a renewable source, with a slow evaporation rate, meaning your scent will last longer.  With our great variety of scents, you can choose which favourite will fill your home.  Our high quality fibre reeds are made from polyester and cotton giving excellent scent throw.  These are a non toxic, environmentally friendly product. 


When you remove the stopper from your diffuser bottle, place as many reeds into the base as you wish.  This will depend on how much fragrance you would like to enjoy in your home.  The reeds will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent along the entire length, releasing the fragrance into your room.  We recommend leaving the reeds 48 hours before turning.  You can then turn as often or as little as you prefer.  Please be very careful when turning your reeds, as the reeds will have absorbed the oil and may drip.


Place your diffuser on a suitable surface and out of reach of children and pets.  If your diffuser is placed near a heater or in direct sunlight, this will cause the oil to evaporate more quickly.   If you spill any of your fragrance oil when turning the reeds, wipe immediately as this can affect your surfaces.  Do not ingest reeds


We recommend lighting a matching scented candle or a wax melt to spread your chosen fragrance through your room and make it more apparent.


Now, enjoy your diffuser.


100ml refills are available in all our scents for £10. 


Please be careful when re-filling your diffuser as the fragrance oil can damage surfaces.

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