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Lovingly created by us- Especially for you

                                              A warm welcome to Heartfelt Aromas. 


All our products are lovingly handmade in our home in Aberdeen.  We hand pour small batches at one time using sustainably sourced luxury vegan soy wax flakes, blended with premium fragrance oils, sourced from one of the UKs leading fragrance houses to create our lovely candles and wax melts.  Our choice of products for our creations are paraben free, vegan friendly and are not tested on animals.  Our fragrant reed diffusers are also created using top quality ingredients to fill your home with your chosen scent. 

Our scents have been chosen through our love of the outdoors.  I believe fragrance brings back memories of life’s adventures.  It is quite special to light a candle and then think of a fabulous memory from years gone by.  I believe that’s what fragrance can do.

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Naturally Simple

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We choose to create our candles and melts using 100% soy wax. Sustainably sourced after extensive research into the different varieties that can be used.  Derived from natural vegetables, our gorgeous soy wax flakes are non toxic, making our creations better for the environment and for your health!  It creates a cleaner, longer lasting, less soot producing candle.  It burns 50% slower than paraffin wax due to its lower melting point which means it melts at a cooler temperature and doesn’t burn as fast. Soy wax is 100% biodegradable.

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