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Hello everyone,  I am Claire, the owner of Heartfelt Aromas.  I am very excited and extremely proud to be sharing my new business with you.  I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy creating them especially for you.  

My love of candles started many years ago when I first left home.  I wanted to make wherever I lived feel homely and comfortable.  I have always had a strong passion for any type of candle, my friends would likely tell you it’s an obsession.  Honestly, it has always been impossible for me to pass a gift shop selling candles and not buy at least one.  I burn candles every day.  It is definitely a love of mine, always has been and always will be.  I think candles create a unique atmosphere wherever they are placed. They illuminate a room with their subtle glow, create warmth and if they are scented, provide a wonderful fragrance to fill your home.  For me, there is nothing nicer than a candle burning to release that fabulous aroma.

Scent has always been part of me.  I love perfume and wear it daily.  It cheers me up and makes me feel good. It’s an absolute must for me.  I believe fragrance around my home gives me the same feel-good factor.  It can definitely transform the way you feel.

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My new venture started with the decision to turn one of my passions, into my job.  I completed a candle making course, run by one of Scotland's award winning luxury candle makers.  I absolutely loved every second of it and from there my candle making journey began.  I then went on to do an advanced candle making course.  I felt like I wanted to make more and more.  Different sizes, colours and scents.  I couldn’t wait to take it further and then came my idea for my company.  This has taken months and months of daily testing and trials to ensure my candles are safe for customers.  Candle making is definitely an art and science brought together.

My absolute obsession with anything heart shaped is what brought me to my business name and logo. My home is filled with hearts.  Once again, they make me feel good and make me smile when I glance at them throughout my home. 


This is when Heartfelt Aromas Handmade Luxury Candles came alive.

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